How to Avoid Bathroom DIY Project Mistakes

Fri 28 October 2016

If you’ve decided to take on redoing your bathroom, there are some common mistakes that you need to avoid. Keep in mind that your changes will be a success or a failure, depending on how you approach them. Following are the areas you need to take most care in. Bathroom Tiles There are rules to follow since new tiles are the most noticeable change in your bathroom. The colors need to be warm but not too dark. Don’t give in to cold colors like aquamarine or bright white. Stay away from navy or dark brown tiles to avoid a dingy look. Earth tones such as beige and terracotta create a warmer look. The tile quality is also important in a bathroom. They must be completely waterproof. Keep in mind that floor tiles that have been polished and filled look great when they’re new and are affordable, but they’ll lose their appeal after a year or so. Laying tiles requires experience and skill. If you’re doing it yourself, be sure you know what you’re doing. The surface needs to be clean and sound. Never put tile over wallpaper, dirty surfaces, or flaking paint. Only use high quality grout. Un-sanded grout should be used for tile spaces over 1/8th inch. Always use silicone to seal the bath or shower tray. Just be sure to fill the tub with water prior to sealing it as a full bath stretches the sealant and causes leaks.

Bathroom Plumbing The task that requires the most knowledge and skill in any bathroom DIY project is the plumbing. The first thing to do before starting any plumbing tasks is to turn the water off at the main source to the house. Don’t use too many fixtures unless there’s enough pressure. If you’ve got weak water pressure, consider getting rid of such things as a bidet and dual shower head, or you can route your pipes directly from the boiler.

Never try to connect mismatched pipes. The diameter of 2 joined pipes must be precisely the same. In addition, never attach copper pipe and galvanized pipe together as the copper will corrode rapidly and leak. Use plumber’s tape, or Teflon tape, on threads to prevent future leaks. Bathroom Furniture Finding great bathroom furniture is very important. This is something to keep in mind as there are different types of furniture for different bathroom suites. Wooden furniture looks great in a catalogue but may not be advisable for bathrooms. Even the best quality of wood will suffer from humid air and warp. That’s why vinyl furniture works best in bathrooms.