How To Clear Blocked Traps

Fri 28 October 2016

1. Try using a plunger to clear blocked sinks, basins, baths or WCs. Cover the overflow with a damp cloth, then push the plunger down sharply several times. 2. If the blockage persists, you will have to open up the trap. Put the plug in the basin and have a bucket handy to catch the trap contents.

3. In a confined space like this, you may find it easier to remove the next push-fit elbow before tackling the connection to the waste outlet itself. 4. With the trap fully dismantled, wash each component thoroughly to remove the blockage and any scum clinging to the pipe sides. Leave the plug in. 5. Before reassembling the trap fully, check that the next section of the waste pipe is clear by poking a length of wire down it as far as you can reach. 6. A build-up of hair and scum can often block basin wastes just below the outlet. Fish out as much as possible with a slim wire hook passed through the grating. CLEARING BLOCKED GULLIES 1. Both surface-water and yard gullies are easily blocked by wind-blown debris such as waste paper and dead leaves. First lift off the gully grating. 2. Try to scoop out as much debris as possible from the gully trap, either by hand or with an improvised scoop such as an old tin can.

3. If the blockage is cleared and the water flows away, scrub out the sides of the gully with detergent or caustic soda. Clean the gully grating too. 4. Finally, hose the gully out thoroughly with running water. If you are unable to clear the blockage, you may have to rod the drain run from a nearby manhole.