How to go about cleaning Patio Doors

Fri 28 October 2016

With the weather and climate changes that occur throughout the year, you can expect for your patio door to have some build-up of debris and grime on it. Perhaps you are getting ready to have guests over and you want to tidy things up a bit; you should definitely consider cleaning your patio door and not just your patio furniture alone. Perhaps you have older windows that cleaning just won’t fix, well you can get them replaced quickly with experts like Roof Worx. As you read along, you will learn more about an effective way that you can go about cleaning your patio door. In your kitchen cabinet below or sink or in your garage, you most likely have all of the products that you are going to need to clean your patio door. With that being said, there is no need to run to the store. Vinegar is a good product to use for cleaning many things that have built up with dirt and debris, and it would make great use for cleaning your patio door as well. The first thing you’ll want to do is fill up a bucket or spray bottle with half of hot water, and the rest of it should be filled with vinegar. Adding some dish detergent to this mixture will also help to remove any tough dirt that has built up on your patio door. Newspaper For cleaning and wiping down try looking around your home for some newspapers. Newspaper is great to use on windows, and you won’t have to worry about just throwing them away to waste. Since newspaper isn’t quite as soft as paper towels you can also wear gloves if you feel that your skin might get irritated while using it. Get some help This entire patio door cleaning task isn’t something that you have to do alone. You can get help from your children or if you live in Ohio, from Columbus Ohio patios. This could ensure that the task is done not only quickly but more effectively. If your child is younger and unable to help with the cleaning process you can send them to throw the used newspaper away or to collect more newspaper where ever you have it in your home to complete the cleaning process. You also might have the idea of giving them a small section of the door that is easy to clean.

Outside then inside When you begin the cleaning of your patio door, it’s best to start outside and then work your way inside. Make sure you have everything that you need to start the cleaning process so that you don’t have to make frequent trips to gather more supplies if you run out while you are cleaning. When cleaning you should start with one side of the patio door. Focus on spraying the area that you start with. If you have a wooden frame there is no need to worry about whether the vinegar is safe to use on it; it’s quite safe. As you start spraying from the top, you should wait for the solution to run down to the bottom of the frame before you begin wiping. Once it has run down you can now begin wiping the area that you just sprayed with the newspaper.

After you have completed cleaning this section of the frame/door, you can now repeat the process with the rest of the door until it is fully clean.